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6 August 2015

We're up to about 800,000 fake names generated per month! Be sure also check out the Random Fake Social Security Number Generator.

19 January 2015

Added gender to the fake name profile.

21 September 2014

Wow. This site was submitted to Hacker News on Thursday and was featured on the home page for more than 12 hours. Then it appeared on Reddit and also made its way to the home page.

The site's logs don't record visitors' IP addresses, but I can see how many times the home page was requested and how make fake names were generated by parsing the logs. Some of the numbers between Thursday and now:

All of this was handled expertly by my little VPS running on 256 megs of ram. It didn't skip a beat and rarely topped 100 megs of ram usage.

I've gotten some great suggestions and thanks to those who used the Amazon referral link to make some purchases, I plan to keep improving this site. I appreciate every who used the Amazon referral link and donated bitcoin. This site costs money to maintain, not to mention the time spent, so please keep helping if you can.

Oh, and don't forget that if for some reason you need to reference the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, just click on that link. You might also be interested in the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure.